Hello Everyone and Welcome to The Business Courtroom Academy (TBCA),

I am K.B CHUKWUEDO (MRS), the founder of The Business Courtroom Academy,(read more about me at (www.kbchukwuedo.org/meet the ceo). Here in The Business Courtroom Academy, we are passionate to help everyone succede in their chosen niche of internet business for maximum profits, thereby creating for our students more streams of income, as they signup for one or more of our internet business courses.



About The Academy

TBCA……is a platform for Education Promotion, Provider for Internet/Online Businesses, including Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing and a whole lot more, for maximum internet business profits.

We offer Training Sessions and Online Courses to learn over 70 INTERNET/ONLINE BUSINESSES. Courses are offered off and online.

Check through our courses and subscribe for one or more, and learn to maximise online business opportunities levearging on the internet.

Our ‘NICHE SELECTION MANUAL’ is a must have, as a take off point in this Academy, especially if you are the type of person that wants to learn in their own time and space, plus get monthly monthly e-trainings delivered to your inbox, you will be added to our secet facebook group community and whatsapp/telegram page for further mentoring and coaching.

If this sounds good to you, then quickly pick up ‘TBCA NICHE SELECTION MANUAL’ from the Shop page of this website.

We talk (Speaking Engagement) all over the globe on Internet businesses you can do legitimately to create multiple streams of income. Contact us to book a Speaker. We have over 70 Internet Businesseswe can teach you, via e-training to help your income multiply, accelerate and grow, even within the social media space.

The Business Courtroom Academy is just the place to be.

Trainings are delivered across various platforms, leveaging on the internet. You get a unique username and password to access your desired course(s) upon purchase. You can take the course using your phone, laptop or tablet, as long as the device is connected to the internet. You just need to choose the course(s) you want (Niche Selection), study the training and immediately apply it to your business, or start the business and see tremendious financial upliftments/results. You don’t have to make all the mistake in the world before you learn how to multiply your sources of income, learn from our experienced facilitator who will take you through the skills, techniques, procedures  in an organised step by step manner.

Up till today, the full potential of Internet Business is yet to be fully realised by many individuals/companies. It is therefore our mission to train and equip marketing teams with the necessary skills to maximise returns through a vast range of online marketing channels, so they can stay ahead of the competition.

At The Business Courtroom Academy (TBCA), our team of highly qualified professionals have decades of years of experience in their respective industries/niches, and are dedicated to imparting their knowledge to you. We pride ourselves in delivering quality training, implementing instructional design learning methodologies for effective learning.

Since our inception, our courses, events, and workshops have been attended by thousands of individuals, small business owners and representatives from renowned companies and a number of prestigious academic institutions and government organisations globally based.

“Enrol at The Business Courtroom Academy where meaningful learning and actual transfer of different niches of Internet Business knowledge takes place.”