Course Outline Details

How to start importing any product you like from China, United Kingdom. America etc

How to have your packages delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria, starting with as low as N30,000

The various ATM cards that you can use to make purchases online

How tto get ideas on products that will sell like hot cake each time you market them

Step by  step guide how to order from USA Stores, China websites and factories etc and have your goods delivered to you here in Nigeria

How to ship you goods at low cost rate and a secret USA store you can always get as much as 70% discount on your orders

How to source for legimate Chinese manufacturers and have them customise your goods by putting your company name or logo on them

Best places to advertise your products on the internet and how to sell off your goods  quickly for maximum profits



1) Interested students pick course (Niche) of their choice, it can be one or more.

2) Student request for payment bank details by email to

3) After student pays for their desired business course fee, they send scanned copy of their bank deposit slip to

and wait for confirmation within 48 hours (2 working days). After confirmation from the Academy Accountant.

4) The TBCA Registrar sends a Welcome / Admission Letter (which also serves as receipt) to students email address from inclusive of the student’s  TBCA I.D Number

5) Training Time Table will be sent also to student’s email. All TBCA courses are for ONE MONTH duration, after which the student passes out of the Academy and proceed to commence their business immediately.

6)  Letter of Accepance and Compliance to TBCA Terms and Conditions will be sent to the stusent for signing and endorsement, BEFORE the commencement of business training paid for, and other business training instruction will follow.


See More Benefit of Buying an Online Course from THE BUSINESS COURTROOM ACADEMY listed below. 


Entrepreneurship at its Best

1) Certificate of Completion from TBCA

             2)   Invitation for TBCA Annual Dubai Conference

              3)   Access into TBCA Whatsapp and Facebook groups

               4)  Free Legal Advisory Services for student’s one month study                           duration.

                5)  Discounted purchase price for 1million GSM/Email database                          for student’s business marketing and advertisement.

                6)    Quarterly follow up on student’s businesses.

                 7)    Patronage of our student’s goods and services and possible                            referrals

In TBCA, we have over 77 online courses / internet businesses, we can teach you, so you can earn more streams of income. Just make a choice and you will be glad you did.




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You already know who i am, having read the about page on this website?

I have over 15 years experience as an entrepreneur and 5 years as an online business owner.

Through TBCA, i have reached and helped well over 6,000 businesses in the last three years.

I’m am International speaker on entrepreneurship and much more, amongst other areas of strength.

You call me an amazing woman who is passionate about helping her clients, students, mentees achieve their goals and get excellent results, as long as they discard excuses.

I’ve gotten proven and dynamic strategies as an entrepreneur owning over 21 businesses (off and online) and company subsidiaries/branches in different nations of the world.

You will agree with me that ‘There has never been a recession period where everyone is poor and never been any period of plenty where everyone is rich, no matter the abundant flow. But you can be satisfied, and even extend graciously to others, if you have the mind and skills of an entrepreneur’. Why? Find out the simple answer in TBCA. My team and i, will walk you through to the top of your chosen course niche. I also recommend you visit the page in this site called ACTION TAKERS, check it out now. And remember to download my free gift to you (e-book) before you leave.

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QUESTION ONE: Is one month compulsory duration for all courses in TBCA?

Answer: Yes, after one month, you will be logged out ,because you have been equipped in your chosen niche and you are expected to have started your own business after your one course, by putting all you’ve learnt into good use, and even become a mentor too. 

QUESTION TWO: What if i didn’t begin my lectures/study immediately after my admission and my course expires in one month, will the Registrar give me an extension to remain in TBCA?

Answer: NO, you must begin to study your ebooks and materials from your start date, and follow the TBCA time table, so you can end by your log out date, and start making money in your business.